We provide all services for:

  • Domestic
  • Industrial
  • Municipal
  • Goverment Premises


We provide all services for domestic, commercial, industrial, municipal and government premises.



We specialise in the effective control and removal of the following insects:

  • Mole crickets - these prehistoric insects can destroy a lawn in no time, although they are less seen in winter they can still cause damage to your lawn.  This is a once off treatment however the lawn is checked after three months.
  • Cut worm/Commando worm - These are removed in summer as a once off treatment; the lawns are then rechecked after three months.
  • Ants - We apply spray for ants in the grass and around the foundation of the house, paving and stones.  Ants in your paving can be dangerous as they will cause your paving to sag. Spraying the foundation of the building prevents ant infestation inside the building.