We provide all services for:

  • Domestic
  • Industrial
  • Municipal
  • Goverment Premises


We provide all services for domestic, commercial, industrial, municipal and government premises.



These services include:

  • We will apply a booster to your grass which will enhance the growth of the grass.
  • We will also apply a insecitecide on the grass.
  • We will fertilize your lawn with a seasonal correct fertilizer.
  • We will spray your weeds on the grass and on your paving as well as stones.
  • We will spray the foundation of your house for ants.
  • The above service we will repeat four times per year and you only pay every three months. No more going to a nursary and buying the wrong products.
  • If you have a lawn YOU WILL HAVE TO SPEAK TO ME .
  • To the husband i will let you enjoy sports without a conscience, to the wife you dont have to beg,blackmail,threaten anybody anymore let me help

Lawn dressing

Some gardens are so old and the top fertile soil has never been replaced. It is important that your lawn be fed and watered at the right times and the correct mixture of soil and compost is vital for a healthy lawn.

Planting of grass

We have a choice of lawns for you to choose from. We also ensure that the site of planting is prepared correctly for the type of lawn you have chosen. We plant grass for the City of Cape Town, so no job is too big or too small.